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Chanting Yoga for Prosperity & Peace

A healthy mind and a fit body are the key to a happy life. Awaken your inner healer and spiritual powers through Sadguru Brahmrishi Geetanand’s Brahm Yoga Meditation. Yoga is only form of science or therapy that delivers holistic health to a body. Brahm Yoga is meant for all those who aspire experience divine peace and prosperity. 

By chanting mantra discovered by Ancient Indian Yogis and Sages, we actually create divine sound waves in our brain and the universe, which are able to reflect and bring positive change in our lives and in the universe. there is infinite power in the mantras, which can make even impossible, possible.

Modern scientists also believe that chanting a mantra continuously, affects sensory organs and influences hormonal secretions, causing positive changes in the brain and the body. Chanting the right mantra, with devotion and faith can help destroy diseases of the body and help in attaining divine power. Thous humans that do regular chanting can lead happy life by Acqauring a healthy body and clam mind.

Simplest of Brahm Yoga Mantra Meditation can set the people free from their stress, negative thoughts, bad luck, nava grah suffering, disease, anger and increase their disease resistance strength, mental intelligence, happiness and bring about divine peace and financial prosperity.

Let’s devote 10 minute daily to offer 110 lotus flower at the feet of god and through the mantra chant attain the desired fruits and ultimate peace.

We are thankful to following spiritual aspirants, who contributed millions of manta chanting for peace and prosperity in their life and whole world.

S.No. Name Place No. of mantra chanting contribution
01 Satya Narain Gurgaon 3300000
02 Rajinder Jangara Najafgarh 2200000
03 Ramanand Sehrawat Sikar Rajasthan 2200000
04 Pooja Saini Gurgaon 2200000