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Brahm Yoga (Art of Enlightenment for everyone)


“Brahm Yoga Enlightenment” is a specially tailored Programme for everyone, which enable them to achieve desired goals in their respective lives.

Brahm – Brahm is formless, unconquered, eternal, indestructible, subtle, omnipresent, supreme power, divine COSMIC energy. It makes life possible in the whole universe.

For the welfare and guidance of all living beings, through happiness, peace, love, reverence and devotion, the same formless divine, descend on Earth in various forms to show the true path to the faithful devotees and spread the message of peace, love and spirituality around the world, and to protect the welfare of the world by establishing human religion.

Yoga – Yoga means to get the union with absolute Brahm (Divine Cosmic Energy)

Enlightenment – Enlightenment is the result of Brahm Yoga. Spiritual enlightenment is the complete dissolution of one’s identity as a separate self with no trace of the egoic mind and to feel eternal bliss and divine peace within. It is a state of mind which enables an individual to get away from the external barriers and act as a bridge to achieve the goal.

Brahm Yoga Deeksha is an ancient yogic practice to get unity with absolute Brahm. It was bestowed by Lord Shiva to Sadguru Brahmrishi Geetanand Saraswati for welfare of humanity. It facilitates to achieve a work life balance, to attain divine peace and eternal bliss while living in this materialistic world. Regular practice of Brahm Yoga will boost aspirant’s energy level and help them to achieve the conscious state of mind.

Brahm Yoga will make aspirants aware of the divine cosmic energy that exists in the universe as well as within us and the root cause of life in all forms. It is important for every single being to understand the various focal points in the body, which on correct activation helps to circulate the spiritual energy essential for physical health and emotional well-being. The workshop constitutes of practical techniques that help you to balance your work life, achieve desired goals, attain inner peace and keep you in a state of eternal bliss.

Experience the divine sound and soul of the Universe, don’t let go the opportunity to change your fate.

By participating in this two day program, you will feel divine internal peace. It is a divine consolation that will heal all your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sufferings.

Management by Meditation (For students & Corporates)

“Management by Meditation” is a specially tailored Programme for STUDENTS & CORPORATES, which enable them to perform efficiently under various circumstances. Management is the process of doing things efficiently and effectively to achieve desired goals. Meditation can be referred as a state of mind in which one performs with un-interrupted concentration and conscious awareness. Meditation facilitates to develop leadership and decision making skills. Researchers in their various researches have proven that meditation can bring an instant positive impact on one’s life. The crux is that meditation can only give positivity by which a person can feel relaxed and focussed resulting them performing better. Its not mandatory that one has to do physical movement while Meditating, sitting at a peaceful place and Meditating for a few minutes in a day can bring:

We strongly believe in the fact that meditation can transform a person’s life for his betterment that too with regular practice. Benefits can be reaped out from this programme for both the institution and its employees in such a way that they cherish the work and their environment.

Yoga Teacher Training Programme RYT 200 HOURS & 300 HOURS, Yoga Alliance,USA

All the spiritual aspirants are invited to experience a divine transformation and self-realisation.

You are welcome to experience divine peace and prosperity through ancient Brahm Yoga Meditation Deeksha bestowed by Sadguru Brahmrishi Geetanand Saraswati.

Ancient gurus and sage Munis taught yoga for physical, mental and spiritual health.

Today there is special demand for Yoga for multi-dimensional human development in this world. In the field of yoga, there are unlimited employment opportunities in India and abroad. Young people who are underprivileged can also improve their livelihood by learning yoga and by becoming Yoga Teacher.

Brahmrishi Geetanand Ashram is re-connecting humanity with ancient yogic techniques through the initiatives of Brahmrishi Geetanand Yogalaya. This institute is promoting ancient yogic discoveries of sages for the betterment of humanity and is engaged in research for the same.

Yoga certificates and diploma courses are provided by our institute for giving additional employment opportunities to the youth. Trained ones can attain improved physical and psychological health and can contribute towards the development and empowerment of the world. They are contributing towards the revitalizing of body-mind-spirit and promoting Indian spiritual culture through yoga, meditation and spirituality.

One should take advantage of this opportunity to develop a positive attitude towards life. Join our Yoga training program and become a certified yoga teacher. To know more about the yoga teacher training (YTT) Course, please visit the link mentioned below:

You have a great opportunity to learn from the masters and go deeper with your practice and change your outlook in life. So, no more wait! Join yoga in India today and become a certified yoga teacher!

Kindly note that all our programs are not on paid instead of payment we encourage people to plant trees in the ashram or give up any bad habits like anger, greed or any kind of addiction